£10 / £8 CONC

Encounters brings you a new and special 3D Holographic AV show from AV pioneer Stuart Warren-Hill, the man behind Hexstatic. 3D like you’ve never seen it before!

Using Holo-Gauze (his invention taking the world by storm), he has put together a 3D show of his own original compositions. With music and visuals reaching back into his illustrious past as Hexstatic (Ninja Tune) and into the future of holograms and music that is Holotronica 3D.

Holo-Gauze™ is a patented screen technology specially developed for Holotronica live shows. The screen is combined with a high-powered 3D video projection system and is scalable to any size. Launched in 2014, 2016 saw Holo-Gauze add theatre to the finale of Lady Gaga’s Bowie tribute performance at the Grammy’s, and augmented Australia’s appearance in the Eurovision semi finals – as well as helping Beyoncé to take Tidal X: 1015 by storm. And in 2015, Holo-Gauze featured on both Channel 4’s Gadget Man and Channel 5’s Gadget Show, and produced visuals for the story of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity at May’s World Science Festival in NYC, and the Manchester International Festival run of Damon Albarn’s musical reworking of Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland, wonder.land.