10:00 - 11:30
1 hr 30
Dir: Various

For the third consecutive year Encounters is delighted to present our programme of short films viewed, reviewed and selected by a panel of young people as part of a workshop  we run in collaboration with Into Film. By turn funny, touching and always unpredictable, these stories are a true family friendly treat.


Cartoon Away (Fuga Animada)Cartoon away Fugada Animada
Dir: Augusto Bicalho Roque
Brazil 2013
3 mins 40 secs

An animated character is tortured by his creator to the point the creature rebels from his creator and escapes from the drawing table.

The human manages to bring the character back but only to find out that he no longer can eliminate his creation.

Blue Blue Sky blue blue sky
Dir: Bigna Tomschin
Switzerland 201
9 mins 13 secs

Maria quit talking. Far away from vacation activities she spends the summer in a world where the living visit rarely.

Frenemy  Frenemy (1)
Dir: Vera Lalyko
Germany 2014
6 mins 15 secs

Normally they argue tooth and nail like cats and dogs always do. But what happens if they swap voices?

Carpark Carpark, Anthony Blades
Dir: Anthony Blades
United Kingdom 2013
1 mins 23 secs

A simple shopping trip goes horribly wrong.

The Lost World -The Lost World by Ben Smith
Dir: Ben Smith
United Kingdom 2013
11 mins 0 secs

A world of Adventure

Silent Silent
Dir: Brandon Oldenburg & Limbert Fabian
United States 2014
2 mins 40 secs

Two street performers dream of bringing their  “Picture and Sound Show”to life.

Ravi & Jane Ravi and Jane, Stuart ORourke
Dir: Stuart O’Rourke
Australia 2013
13 mins 35 secs

In a Year 4 classroom Jane befriends Ravi, a Sri Lankan boy recently arrived, but government restrictions on asylum seekers threaten to destroy their friendship.

Missing U Missing u, Brooke Wagstaff
Dir: Brooke Wagstaff
United States 2013
2 mins 29 secs

The letter I journeys to find her missing U.

The Planets The planets 副本
Dir: Andy Martin
United Kingdom 2014

Illustrated Aliens is a year-long project, comprising 12 animated shorts created at the end of each month. Andy Martin challenged himself to create one character a day.


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