Since 2012 we have partnered with Show Me The Animation to bring you the AniJam Challenge, a devilish 48hr creative animation mission. The AniJam challenge is simple, create a animated film between 15-90 seconds long based around a specific theme in 48hrs. 48hrs to create an animation from start to finish? Sound Crazy? It probably is.

Creatives near and far are warmly welcomed to take part in this annual challenge between noon on Friday 24th July and noon on Sunday 26th July. Once a theme has been announced at the event briefing and the day breaches noon, it’s all systems go. From there on in entrants have just 48 hours to create their masterpiece on a specific topic as chosen by the animation gods.

May they be kind to all this year.

Once completed offerings have been harvested they will then be screened at several locations, including the famous Bristol Millennium Square Big Screen and additionally at the upcoming Show Me The Animation event, more details to follow…. Now onto the part you’ve been waiting for, the winner.

The winning entrance will have their project screened at this years Encounters festival.

On top of this, the team behind the winning project will all receive a free delegate passes to the event. But we don’t want to stop there, all participating teams will have a special 50% discount for delegate passes if they so wish!

Interested animators are invited to register their project on this link. Teams must consist of between 2-4 people and must be available to attend the event briefing at 12pm 24th July. Unlike previous years after the event briefing teams are free to create their short films where they wish, but must deliver their completed films by 12pm 26th July.

The event briefing and film delivery will be at the Bristol Festivals Offices 1 Unity Street, Bristol, BS3 5HH.

*UPDATE* Registration for this year’s AniJam is now full, thanks to all those who have signed up, we’re super excited to meet you!