Catching up with DepicT! alumni… Ant Blades… Main DepicT! ’14 Winner

In looking forward we must often look back, and in closing the grand oak doors for submissions on the current DepicT! challenge, we celebrate a by-gone winner in Ant Blades. His portrayal of one man's struggle against life in an unsuspecting car park topped the awards bill last year, almost a year on, we get to discuss what role this has played in Ant's career over the last 12 months.

Everybody seemed to love ‘Car Park’, your short film that was last year’s winner, could you tell us a bit about the process of the project?

The idea had been knocking around for a while. It was a rejected idea for another project but was too long. Eventually the right time came to tidy it up. It’s animated in flash and then finished in AE (After-Effects).

How did it feel to take top prize? Has it brought about more attention to the works of Ant Blades?
It was great to see it get top prize. When you’re in the middle of doing this kind of work you have no idea if it will be liked. So I was over the moon to know that the silly thing that amused me amused others.

What do you think are the attractions of a super-short film?
In these days of social media, super short films are the most likely to be shared as they require no time or emotional commitment from the viewer. You can enjoy a minute and move on with a smile on your face.

You can watch Car Park here.

Unfortunately the DepciT!’15 submissions are now closed, but we are delighted to say that there were a record number of submissions for this years event! The shortlist for DepicT!’15’s outstanding super-short film-makers will be announced here on Tuesday 1st September, at which time it becomes open to general public votes to decide on this years Audience Award. If you’re interested then don’t forget to visit the site and make your vote! In the meantime you can watch a back catalogue of DepicT! entries from a forgotten time, all available here.


Ps. selection processes are nearly over and my word are we impressed….