Cahootify’s powerhouse promotion strategy for your short film

Written by Becca Astrop for Cahootify

You’ve done it – blood, sweat and tears have been shed and finally, your first short is complete. So what next? How are you going to make sure it’s not just your Mum that watches? Check out our tips on pushing out your masterpiece to the audience it deserves…

Get online

It almost goes without saying but if you want your film to reach a wide audience, you’re going to need a strong web presence. We’re not just talking about a Facebook page. Create a website for your short that details everything someone might want to know about the film including cast and crew, premise and trailer, and crucially, where and how to see it. Keep content short and to the point.

Video diaries and behind-the-scenes footage are always interesting to an audience – they want to know about those disastrous days and magical moments, and to see the trees you climbed to get that shot. Post these clips – along with your trailer – on Vimeo or YouTube and engage the rest of your team to help push your content far and wide.

Get more from your cast and crew screening

A cast and crew screening is more than just a great excuse for a party. Use it as an opportunity to recognise and reignite your team’s enthusiasm. Get your promotional plan together alongside your materials before the screening, talk your team through the plan and ask for their ideas, connections and help. Follow up after the event with an email to cast and crew detailing what you’re asking them to do along with links and some pre-written tweets for them to share.

Submit to festivals and competitions

Approach festivals far and wide. Screening at a festival is key to helping you create a buzz around your film and your career. Once you’re in, do some advance research and find out which journalists and bloggers will be attending. Send them a personal email telling them about your film and inviting them to watch it at the festival.

When the time comes, go along prepared to network, and seal the deal by following up in the days after the festival. Ask whether they’d consider a write-up, offer them an interview and send over your press kit to make publishing a review as simple for them as possible.

Prep your press kit

You’ll save yourself a tonne of time and stress by having a press kit ready to go before you start pushing out your film. Pull all of the elements together in advance and you’ll be ready to respond the moment an opportunity arises.

Your kit should include a plot summary, high res images, a pre-written and press-ready article about your film, cast and crew listings, links to your best reviews and ratings, upcoming festivals where your film will screen and of course, a private link to your film for journalists to check out.


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