Competition Countdown: Memory Lane

In the countdown to this year's Encounters Festival we share a selection of trailers from each of the International Competition Screenings.


Screening at 14:30 Wed 17 September at Watershed

In the year where Encounters celebrates its 20th anniversary, we received a remarkable number of submissions taking insightful, problematic or downright nostalgic strolls down memory lane. A tribute to Kurt Cobain’s death, the struggles of a family during the Balkan conflict, the poetic retelling of a tragic mine accident, an unorthodox coming of age ritual in a remote boarding school and a fascinating look at post communist disillusionment are only some of the real or imaginary stories in this diverse programme reflecting on the bygone days.

Dir: Jean-Marc E.Roy
Canada 2013

The Immaculate Reception
Dir: Charlotte Glynn
United States 2014

The Chicken
Dir: Una Gunjak
Germany / Croatia 2014