Conor McCormack’s “In The Real” screens at Watershed Mon 27 June 2016

Encounters alumni Conor McCormack's intimate and emotionally affecting, 'In the Real' is an observational collaborative documentary which goes to the heart of the voice-hearing experience.

Bristol filmmaker Conor McCormack‘s documentary short film “Christmas with Dad” screened at Encounters in 2008 and went to on to gain a nomination from the British Independent Film Awards. It is the story of a young man struggling to define himself through fatherhood. AJ is just 23 years old but already a father to seven children, five from his partner’s previous relationships. They live on a sprawling council estate on the outskirts of Bristol: an area plagued by unemployment, drugs and anti-social behaviour, where fewer residents go to university than in any other area of the UK. Watch the film below:


In The Real

Sardis smoking


For his latest film ‘In The Real‘ McCormack gained access to a remarkable community of voice-hearers, Bristol Hearing Voices Network, many of whom are forged on the medicated margins of society. From outpatient clinic to riverside, bedsit to park bench, ‘In the Real’ offers a rare insight into the inner logic of each character’s madness through the intimate moments of the everyday. By exploring the ways voice-hearers negotiate the complex deadlocks of psychosis and help each other to make sense of their unusual experiences, the film shows how, contrary to popular misconception, hearing voices can play a positive, creative and stabilising role in people’s lives. ‘In the Real’ was supported creatively and financially by Hearing the Voice – an interdisciplinary study of voice hearing based at Durham University, funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Watch the film on Monday 27 June, 18:00 at Watershed, Bristol buy tickets here.