creative Europe networking breakfast sessions at encounters

Have you ever thought about European funding, training and networking opportunities?

Whether your answer is yes or no, Creative Europe Desk UK is here to explain all the possible ways in which Creative Europe’s MEDIA sub-programme can support professionals from across the audiovisual sector, from film and television, to new media and video games.

Creative Europe is the EU support programme for the creative sectors and, even though it does not offer development or production grants for short films, it does support a range of industry events where short filmmakers can network with professionals from other countries and pitch their project ideas.

Supported initiatives include Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market which features a large exhibition hall, digital video library and market screenings, and European Short Pitch which aims to promote the European co-production of short films, combining a residential script-writing workshop with an online training session and a co-production pitching forum.

The programme also co-finances two distribution projects that aim to share and celebrate short films and increase their circulation both in Europe and internationally. is a free online platform that allows users to upload their short films and create their own personalised portfolio, acting like a business card for short filmmakers and Short Film Pool which consists of a catalogue of European short films promoted by Short Circuit – a network of short film and video art distributors currently operating in 12 countries.

In addition to this there are also around 60 festivals supported through Creative Europe (including Encounters!) that either specialise in short film or include a short film element within their programme. More information on the festivals supported can be found in the MEDIA European Film Festivals online guide.

Why not attend one of our two networking breakfasts on Thursday and Friday to meet with some of the film festival programmers, broadcasters and distributors from across Europe that specialise in short film and animation. Members of the Creative Europe Desk UK team will also be on hand to discuss the funding and opportunities available.