Crowdfund this: Esther May Campbell’s ‘Light Years’

An enticingly sensuous heat-hazed drama, LIGHT YEARS is the debut feature from BAFTA award winning and Encounters Festival alumni film maker and photographer Esther May Campbell. The film features the acting debut of acclaimed singer/songwriter Beth Orton alongside Muhammet Uzuner (ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA) and a cast of young newcomers. LIGHT YEARS is a poetic and startling story of loss, hope and the deepest of human connections

The Light Years team are planning to release the film theatrically with as many Q&A screenings as possible as well as releasing the film on DVD. They will then be releasing on VOD. To contribute, please click here. To support the film and campaign on social media, visit the official Twitter and Facebook sites.



Rose (newcomer Zamira Fuller) longs to see mum (Beth Orton) , but nobody will take her. Ever. Her father (Muhammet Uzuner), struggling to cope, disappears to work, her sister (Sophie Burton) waits to meet a boy on the local golf course and her brother (James Stuckey) is preoccupied at home communing with spirits online. Taking destiny into her own hands she sets off alone deep into England’s forgotten edge lands to reach her.  Rose’s odyssey provokes her disconnected, fractured siblings and parents into a poignant reunion to face their challenges together.


LIGHT YEARS is the first feature film from writer-director Esther May Campbell. The film is supported by the British Film Institute (BFI), Creative England, Finite Films and produced by Third Films.