Discover Hidden Secrets at Encounters 2018


As our first programme announcements are made, you’ll probably be wondering which screenings to come along to. Well it’s hard to choose, as ever, we’ve put together a programme jam-packed with brilliant short films including light-hearted animation, mind-bending thrillers, heart-wrenching drama and rib-tickling comedy. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be revealing a little more about what you can expect from the film screenings.

We’ll start with Short Film 3: Secrets and Lies. This set of live action shorts explores self-deception, suspicions, well-kept secrets and sudden revelations. The characters’ compelling stories dig deep into the implications of hiding the truth and the level of control they have over their own secrets.


In Off Day (Kutdag), secrets between friends is the focus as protagonist, Lotte, battles with guilt over whether to come clean about what happened last night…


In Three Centimetres secrets are exchanged in the safety of an old-fashioned ferris wheel carriage car. Some have more of an impact than others, and we are left wondering how the newly revealed truths will play out off of the fairground ride. Three Centimetres is director Lara Zeidan’s graduation film from her MA at the London Film School. The film made its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival 2018, where it won the Teddy Award for Best Short Film – an international award for films that explore LGBTQ+ topics.


Sex Ed is filmed in just one shot, allowing us to deeply empathise with main character Ed’s rising emotions. Ed is a sex education teacher trying to make sex seem less funny to a class of teenagers. As the film builds, Ed’s character becomes less comedic and his frustration with the class pushes him to reveal a rather more serious secret.


Like Ed, Saoud in Sacrilege has a secret which eventually leads to an eruption of emotion. As his secrets are uncovered and his status crumbles, we see Saoud fall to exile. Sacrilege has been nominated for a number of awards across the the international film festival circuit. Lead actor Mehdi Djaadi, won Best Actor at the European Film Festival of Lille for his performance.


Finally in The Field, director Sandhya Suri portrays the story of a woman taking and owning her own desires within the harsh existence and oppression of her daily life. A rarely seen viewpoint on camera Suri drew on the lives of women she met whilst travelling India film for her documentary film Around India with a Movie Camera, released by the BFI in 2018.

So if you if you can’t resist digging for secrets then get your tickets for Short Film 3: Secrets & Lies now, it’s human nature…


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