Encounters on-line programme now live with ticket links

So the beans have, as of 10:30 last Thursday morning, been spilled all over this metaphorical floor that we call the internet.

After a spectacular launch evening last night (a big thank you to Invest Bath & Bristol and Little White Lies for making it all happen), we are more than happy to announce the arrival of our new streamlined web programme, allowing users to navigate their way through days and events whilst also having the opportunity to buy individual tickets for those glorious days in September.

In the wake of last years web programme we thought it was time to give something fresh a chance, mix things up a bit. So now the programme takes the form of a grid system wherein, as mentioned above, users can locate different events through three different headings; Dates, Strands and Types.

A long time coming it’s been, but now hopefully this will provide a more ergonomic experience for users across the world by providing the option to narrow down your search, for example Cinematography events on Friday 18th September. As usual information on location, running times, running orders and information about the films complete with synopsis is all there, all topped off with a few cheeky stills!

Get yourself on over to the link below and have a look around, see if there’s anything you like and book tickets if you fancy. Say Huey Morgan on the opening night journeying through film and music? 😉

Programme – What’s on 2017