Bluescreen has hosted a Short Film program at the Cube Cinema, Bristol for the last 17 years, supporting filmmakers through their open programme.


An Open Film Night, where Filmmakers can just turn up and screen their films on the big Screen, no films are watched before screening. This all makes for an eclectic programme of films, which is the essence of Bluescreen.

Come and check out what makes Bluescreen tick, starting with ‘Bluescreen: the documentary’, then sit in awe at the many forms and genres that Short films can take. Hosted by the Bluescreen team, Steve, Tess and Ben; they will be screening a taste of Bluescreen’s past, present and future….. Enjoy the ride!

And come along to Bluescreen at the Cube Cinema a few days before on September 26th.


Bluescreen: The Documentary 

Dir: Dominic Wade
UK 2016
15 mins 43 secs

A documentary about Bristol’s Short Film Night at The Cube Cinema.


Dir: Graeme Maguire
UK 2014
2 mins 35 secs

Toilet Humour.

Ordered Numbers

Dir: David Hopkinson
UK 2015
3 mins 11 secs

From Knowle West TV project.

Me and Reg

Dir: Lee Matthews
UK 2012
8 mins 14 secs

A Burglars Tale.

Wheres My Spleen

Dir: James Pendlington
UK 2004
1 min

The search for a runaway Spleen.

1000 Voices UK 

Dir: Tim Travers Hawkins
UK 2016
8 mins 40 secs

A talk to teenagers about the merits of the UK’s efficient and humane asylum system, indirectly reveals this is not the case.


Dir: Naren Wilks
UK 2010
3 mins 08 secs

Box Jumping Man.

Felix Machines (Part Deux)

Dir: Tom Mansfield
UK 2009
2 mins 45 secs

Intricate portrait of the mechanisms of Felix’s Machine.

The Cube

Dir: Danae & Sigi
UK 2011
4 mins 44 secs

A Film about The Cube Cinema.

El Griffini: Portrait of the Genius

Dir: Kristen Griffin
UK 2010
2 mins 38 secs

The French genius.

Dewis’ Hat trick

Dir: Matthew Walters
UK 2016
5 mins 35 secs

A Man and his Hat.

Asbo Shepherd

Dir: Woody Morris
UK 2003
1 mins 12 secs

A man with an Asbo.

Scars & Bars – Ruckus Collective

Dir: Mark Ashford
UK 2017
4 mins 30 secs

Bristol Hip Hop Video.

Picking Sides

Dir: Beatriz Pinto & Dotty Kultys
UK 2017
1 min 30 secs

2 Ships, I Boat.

Mr Smokey

Dir: Miro Caminade
UK 2017
10 mins 12 secs

A Tale of a Man and a Smoke Alarm.

Off Track

Dir: Victoria Bromley
UK 2017
1 min 30 secs

Station Platform drama.

Land of Dreams – The Transpersonals

Dir: Piski Films
UK 2013
6 mins 34 secs

Psychedelic Pop Video.