1hr 30 mins
Dir: Various



Depict is Watershed’s super short filmmaking competition challenging filmmakers from across the globe to create an imaginative and original short film of 90 seconds or less. The competition is a unique opportunity for emerging talent to get exposure for their film and the support they need to take their career to the next level. Experience this year’s shortlist on the big screen chosen from over 500 entries from 59 countries, and meet some of the talent behind the films. After the screening, all ticket holders are welcome to join the Depict Drinks, thanks to St Austell Brewery.

Vote and comment on your favourite films in the shortlist towards the Shooting People Depict Audience Award until Sat 23 September at 17:00 at


Disillusionment of 10pt Font

Dir: Greg Condon
USA 2018
1 mins 12 secs

In this typewriter animation, moving words express their meaning.


Dir: Aimie Willemse
UK 2018
1 mins 30 secs

A girl exploring an abandoned tunnel alone, hears someone… or something else in the dark with her.


Dir: Anton Dushkin
Russia 2018
1 mins 13 secs

Simple everyday routines provide an escape from distress in this animated tale of a weary housewife.


Dir: Izzy Renton
UK 2018

1 mins 30 secs

When a British tourist goes missing in a Salt Lake museum the only trace she leaves behind is the following footage…

Head over Heels

Dir: Leonid Grigurko
Russia 2017
1 mins 09 secs

An Earth girl experiences an unearthly dream.


Help Me

Dir: Natasha Staunton
UK 2018
1 mins 30 secs

Exploring the thoughts, feelings and experiences of someone suffering from depression and mental health issues.


Jour de Fête

Dir: John Smith
UK 2017
1 mins 12 secs

If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. (Matthew 5:38-40)


Neopolitan Porno

Dir:Alan Halls
UK 2018
1 mins 03 secs

An Ice Cream can be a ‘Saucy’ affair.




Dir: Khevyn Ibrahim
UK 2018
1 mins 30 secs

A 7 year old girl tells us what she thinks about being alive and what life means to her.



Dir: Roman Sinitsyn
Russia 2018
1 mins 00 secs

An old man takes a ride on empty train. But where is he going and why?


Pepper-Salt Battle

Dir: Friendly Liu
Hong Kong 2018
1 mins 30 secs

A kid has the ability to bring objects alive in this animated world full of fantasy and imagination.


Portrait of a Painter

Dir: Euan Gilmour
UK 2018
1 mins 30 secs

A creatively blocked artist discovers her most recent painting has a darker nature then she expected.


Scare Crow

Dir: Joe Carter & Sean Greer
UK 2018
1 mins 28 secs

A sunny rape seed field is a photographer’s dream but the vibrant colours hide a grimy nightmare.


Dir: Lee Charlish
UK 2017
1 mins 24 secs

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… and spiders.

The Jungle

Dir: Joseph Melhuish
UK 2017
1 mins 06 secs

A young girl experiences a nightmarish fever-dream as a DIY virtual reality vacation goes awry.


Toxic Haircut

Dir: Bryan M. Furguson
UK 2018
1 mins 30 secs

A 90 second horror odyssey about getting a haircut.



Dir: Francesco Faralli
Italy 2018
1 mins 00 secs

Why going to the hairdresser is becoming a nightmare…


Ukraine: three years of ceasefire

Dir: Benas Gerdziunas
Ukraine 2017
1 mins 30 secs

February 11, 2018 marked the three year anniversary since the last ceasefire. Yet dozens are killed and injured every month, as the war in Europe goes on.

Unsung Hero

Dir: Vinamra Pancharia
India 2018
1 mins 00 secs

A little boy loses his yellow ball, but finds buried hope, little joys, love and loyalty.


Dir: Charlotte Reagan
UK 2018
1 mins 27 secs

A man’s first years in prison as experienced through his visits from his loved ones.