1hr 30m
Dir: Various


A selection of animated shorts from all over the African continent, an overview of the increasing variety of African animation in the past few years.

There will also be a Ghanaian Animation Talk on Friday 28th, find out more here.


Tibeb Girls

Dir: Brutky
Ethiopia 2016

Three young girls use their superpowers to fight against injustice and the many harmful practices Ethiopian girls routinely face.



Dir: Mihcael Rhima
Nigeria 2017
1 mins 39 secs

The film’s narrative is centered on the god Sango, a West African deity of thunder and fire as he dispenses wrath on his people’s adversaries.


Massa Awwo

Dir: Duncan Senkumba
Uganda 2016
2 mins 43 secs

Masso Awoo takes the viewer on a journey through the beauty and chaos of Kampala city taxi park.


Chicken Core

Dir: Oricha Aliyu
Nigeria 2012
6 mins

The Rise of Kings narrates the story of how the chickens were manipulated by an ancient menace, and then sought to liberate themselves in a final battle for freedom.


Kuzi Diaries – Ep 2. To Pee or Not To Pee

Dir: Tavonga Shumbanhete
Zimbabwe 2018
1 mins 12 secs

Ever had the unstoppable strong urge to pee too early in the morning. Well Kuzi had one but it goes a bit differently.



Dir: Francis Y. Brown
Ghana 2015
11 mins 18 secs

Agorkoli narrates the migration saga of the Ewe people of Ghana, located in the south – western part of the country.


Garbage Boy and Trash Can

Dir: Ridwan Olanrewaju
Nigeria 2018

The animation follows the adventure of a kid called “Tobi” aka. “Garbage Boy”‘, who thinks he has real superpowers, and his sidekick “Trashcan”, who always risks his life to get Tobi out of trouble.


Little Monsters

Dir: Poka
Ghana 2016
4 mins 23 secs

Animated music video for Little Monsters performed by Jayso ft. Sarkodie.


A Kalabanda Ate My Homework

Dir: Raymond Malinga
Uganda 2017
6 mins 24 secs

A Kalabanda is a mythical creature that is said to haunt schools in Uganda. Tendo shows up to class one day without his homework, claiming that a “Kalabanda” ate it.



Dear Black Man

Dir: Emanuel Dankyi
Ghana 2018
2 mins

Dear Black Man is a short poem in the form of a letter addressed to “every black man” that evaluates insecurities within the Black diaspora by shedding light on the effects of post traumatic slave syndrome on the black man.



Dir: N’gendo Mukii
Kenya 2017
2 mins 51 secs

Mtindo is a celebration of the vibrancy of movement, the ebb and flow of modern African grace, a cohesion with the beauty of pattern making.



Dir: Bertil Svaeniker
Ghana 2012
5 mins 9 secs

Sai is the best at the game of Chaskele until one day his good friend Nii introduces him to Sam, a young rich kid from out of town with amazing reflexes. Nii convinces Sam to challenge Sai at the game of Chaskele.




Dir: Eri Umusu & Nurdin Momodu
Nigeria 2017
3 mins 48 secs

Ayodeji’s boring afternoon takes a thrilling turn when he discovers his toys can do much more than just lie around in a pile. Or can they.



Dir: Selorm Dogoe
Ghana 2017
3 mins 48 secs

When a man finds a dying flower in his backyard garden, he will do anything to keep it alive.


Mpatsakarano (Porteuse D’eau)

Dir: Sitraka Randimahaly
Madagascar 2013
2 mins 46 secs

The pure and clear reflection of the beauty suddenly troubled by charmer’s shadow.



Dir: James Maravetz
USA 2016
1 min 26 secs

The short animation is a mild, dark humor singalong about Raffi the main character, walking from scene to scene, and carelessly handing out guns to kids to use as toys.



Dir: Comfort Arthur
Ghana 2018
3 min 48 secs

Red is a semi-autobiographical dark comedy film about the filmmakers childhood memories of her father before he left.



Dir: Indigene Bros
Ghana 2013
2 mins 50 secs

Azumah,the Ghanaian hero is a short animation about Azumah Nelson’s first international fight with Salvador Sanchez. His resilience and bravery during the fight under very trying circumstances is juxtaposed with the Ghanaian story as a people.


Dawn of Thunder

Dir: Komotion Studios
Ghana 2018
3 mins 59 secs

Sango is a popular god of thunder from Oyo State in Nigeria. The story explores his childhood, from where it all started, the questions he asked, the answers he was given, the visions about his future encounters and ultimately how these experiences will shape his future.