9am - Midnight


The Perceptual Cinema is a public display of short films on a widescreen at the very heart of city center in Millennium Square, screening on repeat a variety of light-hearted, family friendly shorts and animations from across our European connections. The event will be free and accessible to everyone.


The Teacup

Dir: Elif Boyacioglu
Turkey 2015
5 mins 09 secs

A thought-provoking animation, telling the story of a man who fears going outside, until one day a knock on the door tempts him to change his mind.

The Kiosk

Dir: Anete Melece
Latvia 2013
6 mins 55 secs

The kiosk has become Olga’s home because of her love of eating the sweets stocked, here she reads travel magazines and dreams of being far away.

Analysis Paralysis

Dir: Anete Melece
Latvia 2016
9 mins 04 secs

Anton is lost in his own head until one day a yellow boot brings him to an exit.

International Fathers day

Dir: Edmunds Jansons
5 mins

For people, Father’s Day is a celebration, but for one small bird – it’s an ordinary working day. And concerns are the same old – to get food for his family.

The Choir Tour 

Dir: Edmunds Jansons
Latvia 2012
5 mins

A world-famous boys choir are left to their own devices in Seoul when their conductor is trapped in a lift.


Isle of Seals 

Dir: Edmunds Jansons
Latvia 2014
6 mins

In the middle of a grey sea is a grey isle. On this isle grey hunters live, seals and humans live together in a cruel balance.

The Red Herring

Dir: Leevi Lemmety
Finland 2015
6 mins 37 secs

An animated comedy about a group of penguins who get too greedy for their own good.


Papa’s Boy

Dir: Leevi Lemmety
Finland 2010
3 mins

A young mouse dreams of being a dancer, but his family disapproves, until one day his dancing saves the day.


Dir: Adam Marko Nord
Sweden 2014
8 mins 55 secs

Here we meet the Koala who wants to jump as a kangaroo, the over-heated hippo and the caterpillar with the bad temper.


Mixed Materials

Dir: Anna Van Riel
Belgium 2017
6 mins 25 secs

Two recent art school graduates endeavour to make it in the competitive art world, unfortunately not all goes to plan…

Kop Noch Staart

Dir: Nils Martens
Belgium 2017
2 mins 17 secs

Two animals encounter one another in an abstract, figurative and auditive way.
Sometimes it doesn’t have to be about anything…That’s allowed.


Dir: Mick O’Sullivan
Ireland 2005
2 mins 24 secs

A Business Man, a Builder and an Elderly Man get a trim and shave in a rather unusual and musical setting.



After You

Dir: Damien O’Connor
Ireland 2013
6 mins 59 secs

A doorman at a Dublin city hotel spends many happy years opening his beloved door for the hotel residents.

The Nightlight Monster

Dir: Nicola Coppack
Luxembourg 2013
9 mins

A young girl is haunted by the dark in her bedroom and is pulled into an imaginary world. Later, she unexpectedly awakens the night-light monster.

Kippkopp in the Grass

Dir: Szilvia Fabók
Hungary 2017
7 mins 09 secs

Kippkopp, a chestnut child, is up for a walk in a meadow. He is alone and looking for someone to play with.

Hoppi Tales: The Holiday of Commemorance 

Dir: Ferenc Rófusz
Hungary 2015
7 mins 02 secs

Somewhere in the very center of the world there is a quiet, serene valley, the Hoppies live and work there. While everyone is busily running about, the Hoppies are making sure that there are holidays for everyone.

With thanks to our European partners: Festival on Wheels, Turkey; Riga International Film Festival, Latvia; The Finnish Film Foundation; The Swedish Film Foundation; KASKcinema, Belgium; Film Fund Luxembourg; Dublin Animation Festival; Children’s Film Festival Cinemira