Friday Festival Round Up

Friday was buzzing at Encounters Festival with the final day of International Competition Screenings - as well as networking events, guest screenings, industry masterclasses and panels - culminating in a night of music and film. Take a look:

Jon Craig Bristol 20160923 25Meet the Film Festivals BreakfastJon Craig Bristol 20160923 9
with the British Council

had the best time at @EncountersSFF, was a pleasure to screen our film, meet filmmakers & watch incredible selection of shorts #encounters22




Jon Craig Bristol 20160923 46Widening The Lens Pitching Competition

If you don’t like the story write your own – advice 4 diverse voices @EncountersSFF panel on #inclusivity v tokenism



Jon Craig Bristol 20160923 55

Day four @EncountersSFF is by far the most packed! 3 animation showcases and a Q&A with the team behind Loving Vincent. Excitement ensues!



Jon Craig Bristol 20160923 71Jon Craig Bristol 20160923 70

The experience @EncountersSFF was amazing, including a talk from the @NFTSFilmTV, so excited!






Jon Craig Bristol 20160923 80@tr0ublemayer
1000% energised by @OskaBright @timbles @dorabyjemma @nikeshshukla at @EncountersSFF today!!! #RaisingFilms #filminclusion #politicalanimals

Amazing presentation by @OskaBright, inspiring. “The Ethical Approach to Diversity” @EncountersSFF @wshed #inclusive


Jon Craig Bristol 20160923 90

Most excellent evening listening to @EdsonBurton interviewing Don Letts at the @EncountersSFF – very insightful look back and forwards




Jon Craig Bristol 20160923 98

This is the best things I’ve ever seen in a cinema and it’s not even a film. Don Letts at @EncountersSFF is brilliant


Oh what a night! DonLetts taking us back w/a little help fr/ @EdsonBurton & @DJKRUST taking it to the next level #Bristol @EncountersSFF




Jon Craig Bristol 20160923 104@stevemellenJon Craig Bristol 20160923 110
@wshed bar last night with Dj Krust playing and Don Letts watching at the bar. Love this city @EncountersSFF





Photos copyright Jon Craig.