Getting Freaky with Encounters: Late Lounges 2018


There’s nothing better than snuggling up late at night and watching a film, and we tried to keep that in mind when putting together our Late Lounge programmes. However, the films in these collections are less cosy Saturday night-in and more freaky Friday… Our Late Lounge shorts have some truly frightening and profoundly strange twists, bound to unsettle the mind and scatter some popcorn!

Late Lounge: Fright Night

Our first late night screening is Late Lounge: Fright Night, an evening of spine-chilling horror not for the faint-hearted. Prepare for classic thrillers like The Blue Door, where a district nurse (Game of Thrones’ Gemma Whelan) visits a new patient in a dilapidated bungalow. All is not what it seems, when a mysterious blue door appears and the nurse learns of a dark secret about the dying patient.

On Fright Night you can also see Catcalls, where director Kate Dolan portrays a powerful message about street harassment and the victimisation of women within supposedly safe spaces. In this chilling short, the tables are turned as we see the sexual predator become the prey to a pair of shapeshifting revenge-seekers.

Most of our horrors are live action, but we’ve also got a couple of freaky animated thrillers for Fright Night. La Noria has a unique take on the horror-thriller genre as it delves deeply into the emotions associated with loss, which in the film are embodied by strange skeletal creatures in the night.

Late Lounge: Body Parts

Our next Late Lounge programme is less frightening but just as freaky. For Late Lounge: Body Parts on Thursday evening you’ll need an open mind and a strong stomach – it’s anatomically outrageous!

The screening starts with Caterpillarplasty, an unsettling animation in which director David Barlow-Krelina observes the absurdity of modern plastic surgery. Grotesque caricatures stroll around a metaphorical dream world where advanced surgical procedures make anything possible… even butterfly metamorphosis?!

Next up is Blood Shed, a comedy-horror nostalgic to classic 80s horror Creepshow. A man becomes obsessed with his new shed, but he and his wife soon learn it’s not any old shed and has an extraordinary thirst for human blood. British actress, comedian and TV presenter Sally Phillips plays the man’s horrified wife.

Also featuring in Body Parts is Hooves of Clay. The Inbetweeners’ Blake Harrison makes his directing debut with this amusing observation of modern dating and the insecurities we have about our bodies that we choose to hide when dating online. The film takes a bizarre but hilarious turn as Guy (Blake Harrison) reveals his unusual body parts to his unsuspecting date.

Late Lounge: Peep Show

Finally, on Friday our late night screenings finish on a sexy note with Late Lounge: Peep Show, where getting freaky is the name of the game. The films in this programme boldly explore sexuality and intimacy, as well as reflect upon the awkward and funny side of sexual encounters.

In Sac de Merde we meet unlucky-in-love Mazie, who’s luck starts to change when she meets a charming gentleman at a bar and heads back to his apartment. As the night progresses, Mazie soon suspects that he might be full of crap. Literally. 

One of four animations in the programme, In Our Skin is a simple line-drawn animation about the beauty of the female body. The journey begins on the freckles on the protagonist’s back and we are then taken into a world of morphing figures. The film was in the official selection for the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival 2018, which aims to make inclusive filmmaking a revolutionary art.

Pre-Drink explores complex LGBTQ+ themes as longtime friends Carl and Alexe, a gay man and a transgender woman, complicate their relationship when they decide to have sex. The film has been highly commended and Won the Best Canadian Film in the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017.

So, if you think you’re ready for a freakfest, get your tickets for our Late Lounge programmes, Fright Night, Body Parts and Peep Show now. There’ll be a few scares, definitely some cringes but also some giggles. Let’s get freaky!

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