How do we select the films for our younger audience?

photo 2[2]Working with our partners Into Film we have been running a series of workshops with young people who have viewed, reviewed and then programmed the selection of short films to be shown at this year’s festival. This unique approach to creating our children’s programme will allow us to present the best possible line-up of films for the 2015 Children’s Award.

The first of these workshops was held in Sheffield on the 27th June and worked to select the 11+ programme with students aged 12 and over. The second and third workshops were held on the 4th and 6th of July in London and Bristol respectively. At the Into Film HQ in London the 7+ programme was selected by students aged 11 and over. Following this, the 14+ programme was chosen by students aged 14 and over at the Watershed in Bristol.

“Today I learnt how to debate about films and make a cool slogan for our programme. I really enjoyed today!” Finley, age 12.

“I enjoyed debating all the films and hearing everyone else’s opinion and the way they individually understand a film and its morals.” Tatiana, age 12.

“I learnt how to debate over films and my favourite part was meeting everyone and discussing films with them.” Kayhan, age 11.

Into Film is a nation-wide charity that places film at the core of the educational and personal development of children and young people aged 5-19. We are both passionate about supporting young and emerging filmmakers and are looking forward to working together to present the Children’s Award programme for this year’s festival!