Interview with Mischa Rozema

As part of the Encounters Festival 20th anniversary, a series of short interviews with previous filmmakers who have screened at Encounters will be published and updated weekly on our website blog from now until the beginning of the festival in September.

1.What projects have you embarked on since winning the Encounter’s music award in 2013 with your short film ‘Stardust’?

MISCHA ROZEMA resizedRight now I’m finishing of a project called ‘Sundays’. It’s a passion project we’ve been working on for the past years. Right now it’s a short film but we’re already talking to make this into a full length feature film. More info here:

2.Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the video?
A very close friend lost the battle against cancer in 2011. His death felt completely unfair and I remember the phone call in the middle of the night. Off course I couldn’t sleep and really felt the urge to do something about this situation, but what? I figured, I’m not a doctor so I can’t cure cancer. I make films, so that’s what I naturally started doing. In the morning I had the whole script and storyboard finished for what would be a year long journey called ‘Stardust’. It turned out to be a very therapeutical experience.

3.Was there a particular event or time in which you realised that film making was what you wanted to do?
I have a background in industrial design and graphic design and music. To this day I really love these art forms. But somehow I always felt there was something missing for me until I saw the film  ‘C’est arrivé pres de chez vous’ ( I think the english version is called Man Bites Dog). Half the audience left the theatre in disgust and the other half was awkwardly laughing. Suddenly I saw the power of movie making. I could never evoke these reactions with the before mentioned arts. 

4.Can you offer any words of wisdom to anyone wanting to pursue a career in the film industry?
Do not EVER give up on something you truly believe in. Ever.

5.What makes a great film for you?
One that doesn’t stop in your head when the film has ended.

6.Any favourite recent short or feature films?
Still very much looking forward to Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin.