Sci Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder: Tues 11 and Thurs 13 Nov

Encounters Festival presents two events in Bristol as part of Sci Fi Days of Fear and Wonder in November - join us for an out of this world screening and eye opening lecture, full details below. Please scroll past the images for the second event and full lecture details:

What We Owe to La Jetée
Watershed, Waterside 2
Tue 11 Nov 18:00
£6 / £4 Conc

Dr Mark Bould, reader in film and literature at the University of the West of England and science fiction specialist, takes us through the legacy of Chris Marker’s short film masterpiece La Jetée on the sci-fi genre and on the work of some of our best loved contemporary filmmakers.

Cinema is a kind of time machine: it displays the past in the present, and crafts the present in response to hypothetical futures. Time travel stories are experiments in narrative: they play with cause and effect, and obsess over beginnings and endings. Chris Marker’s La Jetée crystallises these tendencies into a self-reflexive device for thinking about film, about birth and death, about determinism and free-will. This talk will explore how subsequent time-travel filmmakers – including James Cameron’s Terminator, Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys, Shane Carruth’s Primer and Rian Johnson’s Looper – have developed the conceptual and cinematic terrain opened up by this short masterpiece.

Tickets: £6.00 full /  £4 concessions BUY TICKETS

Curated and produced by Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival.

La Jetée Under The Stars
Planetarium, Milennium Square
Thu 13 Nov 19:00
£10 / £8 Conc

Immerse yourself in the outer space atmosphere of At-Bristol’s Planetarium for an evening of visionary sci-fi short films and sound experiments.

Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival is proud to present a screening and exclusive live DJ set event at At-Bristol’s Planetarium to celebrate sci-fi short films, including Chris Marker’s masterpiece La Jetée.

A tale of time travel told in still images taking place in a post-atomic Paris, La Jetée is one the most influential and radical examples of sci-fi filmmaking as well as a milestone in the history of short film format.

DJs on the night will be Spinthief and P-Jams

Spinthief and P-Jams will be providing an improvised DJ score using a combination of found tracks and their own re-edits mixed live using sequencers and effects. Their influences usually fall within the realms of electronica but can divert accordingly.

Tickets: £10.00 full / £8.00 concessions. BUY TICKETS

Full Film Listing:


DIR: Ben Lavington Martin
UK 2010
GENRE: live-action

An astronaut begins to reflect upon his life and his place in the universe after he is left stranded on the surface of the moon.





DIR: David O’Reilly
GENRE: animation
A troubled relationship between a Cat & Mouse set in the distant future.




DIR: Jonathan Caouette
GENRE: live action

An evil signal in the form of a Dutch TV show infects young children. Much to their delight, they believe they can now become other people and monsters.




DIR: Joey Shanks
US 2013
GENRE: animation

An animated space adventure created without using any CGI effects following the tiny vessel Spud trying to elude a black hole that is engulfing the universe.



schneider-krankheitDIE SCHNEIDER KRANKHEIT (The Schneider Disease)
DIR: Javier Chillon
SPAIN 2008
GENRE: live action
10 mins

The Fifties, a Soviet space shuttle crashes in West Germany. The only passenger, a cosmonaut chimpanzee, spreads a deadly virus all over the country.



OEFM_Was-ist-Film-34_Outer-OUTER SPACE
DIR: Peter Tscherkassky
GENRE: experimental
9mins 58 sec

A woman, terrorized by an invisible and aggressive force, is also exposed to the audience’s gaze, a prisoner in two senses. Outer Space agitates this construction, which is prototypical for gender hierarchies and classic cinema’s viewing regime, and allows the protagonist to turn them upside down. (…) Flickering images, everything crashes, explodes; perforations and the soundtrack are engaged in a violent struggle.
(Isabella Reichert)


La Jetée Under The StarsLA JETEE
DIR: Chris Marker
GENRE: experimental
27 mins

Chris Marker, filmmaker, poet, novelist, photographer, editor, videographer and digital multimedia artist, has been challenging moviegoers, philosophers, and himself for years with his complex queries about time, memory, and the rapid advancement of life on this planet. Marker’s La Jetée is one of the most influential, radical science-fiction films ever made, a tale of time travel told in still images.


Please note this event takes place at At-Bristol’s Planetarium, just around the corner from Watershed on Millennium Square.

Curated and produced by Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival in association with Birmingham’s Flatpack Film Festival.

Tickets will available to collect from Watershed Box office (1 Canons Road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5TX) up until 6.15pm on the day of the event.
After which, tickets will be available to collect from 6.30pm from the At-Bristol Planetarium (Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5DB).

On the Door:
Tickets will be available to buy on the door (cash only) from 6.30pm (subject to availability).

Part of Sci Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder, part of the BFI’s huge celebration of science fiction, the world’s most popular film genre, in Bristol and Beyond. Check for all the latest out of this world events.

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