See the latest in Television Screen Technology

Over this weekend in The Dark Space at the Arnolfini you can see the very latest in television screen technology. It is the worlds first Higher Dynamic Range laboratory where a group of Artists, Cinematographers, researchers, engineers and technicians have come together to explore the possibilities of this new type of television screen, that should be available for the consumer market in next two years.  At the moment your screen, however ‘good’ this may be, is so limited and only a restricted range of detail in the darks and lights can be seen. What HDR does is increase the range so its possible to have images in the bright light without loosing any detail co-existing with detailed shadow images in the dark -and the dark is a very, very deep dark black.

The range of industry film cameras that we have been testing with this monitor have blown our minds, and in this dark lab at the Arnolfini, have blasted such bright images from pitch black that its almost painful, but beautifully so.

This worlds-first lab is a collaboration between Debbie Lander (Encounters Festival Director, working with Terry Flaxton and Sarah Sparke, (The Centre for Moving Image Research, University of the West of England), and The Bristol Vision institute at The University of Bristol and invited artists, Rick Lander and Gina Czarnecki, to test the technology to its maximum capabilities.

Over this weekend this lab is open to you. You can book, through the Watershed to see this and come and talk to us all and imagine what this could mean in the future of watching telly or playing games at home – when the image can contain 50% more visible content.

Venue Arnolfini Dark Studio

Dates 20/21st September 2014

Times various over 20/21st Spetember


Each slot is 20 minutes long.

Book on-line at