Staff Picks: The Irish Cream of the Crop

In celebration of St Patrick's Day festivities, our resident Englishman, Jack, picks his Top 5 films from Ireland screened at Encounters in recent years.

Ireland has produced some excellent pieces of cinema throughout the years, and  Irish short films have always made a strong impression at Encounters. These are the five that have made the strongest impression on me. But don’t just take the word of a lowly English intern, watch the films for yourself or come to Encounters 22 to see what Ireland has to offer this year!

Stutterer, Encounters 2015

A man suffering with a severe speech impediment must overcome his ailment to face the woman he has been building a relationship with over the internet. To meet her would be to reveal the truth about himself and so he is faced with a difficult dilemma. Stutterer did Ireland proud when it picked up the Best Short Film (Live Action) award at this year’s Oscars.

Analogue People in a Digital Age, Encounters 2014

Screened in both our Documentary and Comedy…Why the Short Face? programmes at Encounters 2014, this short documents the day of digital switchover throughout Ireland in October 2012. It chooses to focus its content on interviews with the progressively drunk residents of the Johnny Walsh’s Pub in South Galway. Charming in every way, the interviews can range from the hilarious – “We’re digital now but we were monologue before this” – to the poetic reciting of Shelley in acceptance of the changing world.

Coda, Encounters 2014

A rather dark tale of a drunkard killed on the streets of an Irish city whose soul must out-run Death before it is too late. Told with beautiful artistry and accompanying score, this animated feature is one of the most aesthetically stunning of our picks.

Irish Folk Furniture, Encounters 2013

A unique animated documentary that records the growing demand for the repair and upcycling of old furniture in a small Irish village. This stop-motion beautifully explores local histories and recounts personal stories of the heritage hiding in Ireland’s sheds.

Fear of Flying, Encounters 2013

A great short that follows a bird who must overcome his fear of flying to win the heart of a new love interest who has already flown south for winter. This one really is as funny as it sounds.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

If you would like to submit your short film to this year’s Encounters festival, be you Irish or otherwise, follow our link here to find out more.