Big Screen, Millennium Square.

Sunday 14th February, 7am-2pm and 4.30-11pm

As a Valentine treat this year, Encounters Festival brings you some of the best shorts from around the world all about love. Following the success of BFI’s 2015 LOVE season, we’ll be screening 10 films to fall in love with this winter all for free on At-Bristol’s Big Screen. From those starring a few familiar faces to 90 second features from our DepicT! category, the programme includes a wide variety of cinematic talents so bring a chair and blanket and sit back and enjoy our brilliant programme of events.

Big Screen Millenium Square



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*The screening is suitable for all ages and will last up to an hour


Full listings:


Fifteen Summers Later (U)

Dir: Pedro Collantes | Norway 2011 | 5m | Live Action

Everyone needs time to heal and regain balance – some longer than others


Lavatory Love Story (U)

Dir: Konstantin Bronzit | Russia 2007 | 10 min | Animation

Love is always sudden. No one is surprised if love springs up at work even though the place at work is unexpected.


Post-It Love (U)

Dir: Si & AD | UK 2008 | 3 min 16 sec | Live Action

Shy girl meets shy boy in the office, and they find a new way of expressing their affection in this endearing film.


When A Hen Eats a Bee (U)

Dir: Tim Frost | UK 2012 | 1 min 30 sec | Animation

A very short animation about what happens when a hen eats a bee that is not, it goes without saying, necessarily scientifically correct.


Flighty (U)

Dir: Leigh Hogkinson | UK 2006 | 1 min 30 sec | Animation

With an average lifespan of just a few weeks, speed-dating seems the perfect solution for butterflies.


The Launderette (12A)

Dir: Tim Bassford | UK 2011 | 1 min 30 sec | Live Action

A tired cleaner finds more than she bargains for when doing a stranger a favour in this unusual launderette.


What’s Virgin Mean? (PG)

Dir: Michael Davies | UK 2009 | 1 m 30 Sec | Live Action

Sometimes those little innocent questions demand big answers… watch as a mother attempts to answer her daughter’s query in this funny short.


Screenings after 9pm


How To Tell When A Relationship is Over – in Ninety Seconds (PG)

Dir: Tony Roche | UK 2003 | 1 m 30 sec | Live Action

The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt makes an early film appearance in a very funny short describing the tell-tale signs a once happy union is over. So that’s what that dead pigeon meant…


Crow’s Nest (PG)

Dir: Robert Milne   | UK 2014 | 1 m 30 sec | Animation

Ever got that feeling that you just can’t win? Crow is busy building his nest, but a cheeky competitor threatens to undo his hard work.


In the Air is Christopher Gray (PG)

Dir: Felix Massie | UK 2013 | 9m 45sec | Animation

Christopher Gray has been in love with Stacey for quite some time, and no amount of lemonade can cool his desire. Meanwhile, Barry Flint has just bought his son a five-foot python from the pet store.


Screen Kiss (12A)

Dir: Steven Sander  | UK 2008 | 1 m 30 sec | Live Action

A short film about the filming of a screen kiss.


The films will be running from 7am-2pm and 4.30-11pm so come down and catch as many as you can!


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