Why Encounters?

With the deadline looming and our submissions cauldron bubbling handsomely with talent and flair, we are more than excited for our 21st festival this year at Encounters. With this in mind we wanted to shed a bit more light on why anyone thinking about submitting should do so before this Friday June 5!

Last year was a memorable experience for both us, our exhibitors and our attendants:

Great place to meet other film makers and I really got a sense of the passion from the programmers into what they were doing

As I begin to finish editing my latest short film, I find notions I have about short films being challenged after seeing the amazing originality and quality that Encounters showcased. Especially useful was being able to talk to the directors behind these films one-to-one, to help clarify thinking behind their choices

Encounters prides itself as a platform for short film and animation talent both nationally and internationally. Over 21 years we have consistently worked with new, established, revered and emerging film-makers to help them nurture and develop their career by providing a highly esteemed platform for them to exhibit their work. This has brought about myriad success stories and a wealth of achievement for many Encounters Alumni, from Emma Lazenby capturing BAFTA Best Animated Short in 2010 with ‘Mother of Many’ to Una Gunjack going onto to win Best European Short Film 2014 at the European Film Awards with ‘Chicken‘. This isn’t to mention the menagerie of nominations for short film categories across the globe, including both Paddy Considine’s ‘Dog Altogether’ and Jamie Stones’Orbit Ever After‘ getting respective BAFTA short film category shortlist spaces two years running!

There are many things that can pull filmmakers towards an Encounters Festival submission, from the chance to qualify for an Academy Award®, the BAFTAS and Cartoon D’or, to the chance to showcase your work on an international stage. Either way, if you make it onto that 2015  programme there are infinite possibilities waiting for you, including the prestigious awards and up to £10,000 in cash prizes alongside the chance to exhibit your film to our international attendees and regional audiences across 5 days in the beautiful city of Bristol?

Many of our Alumni have given praise to the role that the Encounters Awards have played in their career. Our recent interviews with Jennifer Reeder, Felix Massie and Christian Schlaeffer all provide sterling testaments to the influential part that film festivals, with particular attention to Encounters, can play in film makers career progression. They all commonly refer to Encounters as a vehicle to improve reach and generate interest around a given project, whilst also being a fantastic reflection device for improvement.

If you need any help or advice about submitting don’t hesitate to get in touch: info@encounters-festival.org.uk

As the leading UK short film and animation festival it is imperative that we provide a wide ranging and comprehensive catalogue of short delights for our audiences. Take a look at our previous Award Winners here:

Previous Winners

That list compiles the best of the best over the last few Encounters festivals. Could you see yourself up there…..?