YellowDog, one of our amazing sponsors for Encounters 2015, have just launched their brilliant new service in the UK - it's perfect for 3D animators and artists so read on for more details...

You may remember eating some YellowDog popcorn, or flicking through the YellowDog flip book at this year’s festival. Well, we’re very please to let you know that one of our 2015 festival sponsors, YellowDog, has successfully launched their service in the UK. 

YellowDog is a revolution in rendering for 3D animators and artists. By crowd sourcing the unused processing power of thousands of individually owned computers, they are creating a best of breed supercomputer powerful enough to chew through the biggest render jobs in next to no time.

Simple, speedy, secure and 100% reliable. You can say ‘hello’ to trusty, user friendly YellowDog online at or by calling 0330 223 2499.